Building a Strong Community

Get Strong. Get Fit. Live Better.

Live your life with strength and fitness. At CrossFit Tri-Cities, we aim to change the way people see fitness. We want to give our community the means to do the things they truly enjoy doing and live the day-to-day easily, because their bodies are strong, and their minds are capable. Fitness at CrossFit Tri-Cities is something our member athletes commit to for a few hours each week because they know the benefits of a strong, healthy body are invaluable, and something they look forward to because they know it’s FUN.

Because the Tri-Cities community comes together with like minds and a common goal of creating the best versions of themselves, we’ve fostered an environment of mutual support. Everyone who walks through our doors is immediately part of a fitness family, no matter their fitness level or athletic experience. 

Here, you’ll learn to move your body the way it was designed to move. At first, most people find the exercises and movements in our workouts feel unnatural to them, but our modern way of living has allowed us to lose touch with proper mechanics, the core strength, and flexibility, to move easily and pain-free. Even our most experienced athletes work hard to retain the skills they’ve gained here. Maintaining a healthy body is a constant work in progress and CrossFit Tri-Cities takes away most of the burden off your shoulders by providing the place and framework. All you have to do is show up a few times a week. Get Strong. Get Fit. Live Better. 

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Invest In Yourself

Our Training Grounds

CrossFit Tri-Cities is spacious and open and stocked with everything we need to design fun, effective workouts. Because we’re about building functional strength, our facility is designed to teach you to move your own body well. From pull-up rigs, free weights, Olympic weightlifting platforms, Concept 2 rowing machines and a 100-meter track for us to run year-round, we’ll target all aspects of fitness. Your work capacity is sure to go through the roof while you learn fun new skills and develop coordination like you’ve never imagined. Plus, our space is a place where the best community in St. Charles gathers to put in the work and accomplish something personally meaningful.

  • CFTC has been a savior to my health and sanity. It is my happy place. When I walk into the gym, I am no longer a wife, mom or someone's friend. I am me, challenging myself, pushing myself to be the best that I can be for ME. I leave feeling accomplished and my life outside of CFTC is enriched because I have an overall feeling of positivity and the happiness spreads to those around me.  


  • I am in the best shape I have been in for a long time.  I have made a ton of new friends moving into a new community, moreover, CrossFit is a part of my lifestyle now.


  • As an older participant, I cannot say enough about the level of safety provided by careful training, education, and a watchful eye from the coaches.  CFTC coaches take a fairly challenging form of fitness and transform it into something fun and doable!